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Psychology Today
  • Professional listing on Psychology Today
    Pastoral counselors are trained in both psychology, theology and provide psychological as well as spiritual guidance to clients and their families. They perform a variety of tasks such as conducting religious services, delivering religious rites and providing counseling and companionship to patients and family members. In many cases they have a master's degree in divinity and are members of the clergy.
  • Couplehood As A Spiritual Path
    An article about written by Dr. Wisecup.
  • Getting the Love You Want.
    Learning how to restore connections.
  • Harville Hendrix
    Harville Hendrix website, author of "Getting the Love You Want."
  • Healing Codes
    An excellent resource book written by Alex Loyd, M.D.
  • myBIGearth an online community focused on creating positive change
    myBIGearth is an online community of personal, social and environmental evolutionists whose mission is to create a global community to bring about positive growth and change. myBIGearth offers information and events on self-improvement, holistic health and nutrition as well as social and environmental awareness.